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Misguided children on these campuses that don’t even understand what they’re promoting. Shame on their parents for their lack of respect for human life and liberty. First and foremost, we are all children of God. We all deserve respect from conception forward. My prayers go out to all of them. It makes me sick.

(Thx Barry for your courageous writing. Keep up the fight.)

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Permission granted! And what a surprise to see my note at the bottom of this moving essay. The concept of a common heritage of freedom in God is one that is forming rapidly in my consciousnesss - started by reading The Magna Carta of Humanity by Os Guiness and reinforced by Lane and now solidified into a clarifying paradigm by your essay. Very powerful and moving. We who treasure liberty and self responsibility before God are one and the same people. An attack on them is an attack on us. End of.

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Barry, once again you have not only “separated the wheat from the chafe”, but have exposed the kernel of the grain for all to see (if they choose). I began to shed tears while reading this essay. Passes the intellect and arrives at the Soul. Thank you

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Love this

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As ever, thank you Barry.

The current awful events and appalling polarised reactions globally have prompted me to write an essay today (my first for a long time), which goes back to something I started several years ago:


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Yes, you are correct; we are all children of God.

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Dear Barry

Thank you.

Heartbreaking - insanity - what next? World war three?

For what it's worth:


We find peace in transcending our beliefs, opinions, judgments, and knowledge.

Each of us experiences reality either:

Via our unseen relationship with Thought (capital T) hidden behind the veil of our conditioned thinking (small t) – our lifelong accumulation of beliefs, opinions, judgements and knowledge -


We see our relationship with Thought from seeing into The Realm of Possibility and, thereby, understanding the relationship between Thought and its form - our thinking.


In Seeing that our thinking creates our reality, we become free from the grip of our accumulation. We see through the illusion of our beliefs, opinions, judgments and knowledge, all of which make our life - our world - the world - the way it is - for us individually.

So it is:

Within The Realm of Possibility, we see the solution to the core problem that ails us individually and humanity as a whole.

It follows:

From within that state of awareness, we see through the illusion of our accumulation – the realm of impossibility – to the solution – seeing that we think and recognise that what we think from our conditioned mind, without self-awareness, is the source of our problems - of all human-created problems.

The outcome:

Once we awaken, we continue to look toward the Realm of Possibility and the yet-to-be-seen, contributing with kindness, understanding, wisdom and common sense to the greater good.


We transform from experiencing an unforgettable feeling of kindness and understanding to a heightened sense of wisdom and common sense in our relationship with others and the world. These four innate qualities experienced within The Realm of Possibility from that day forward influence our lives and enable us to support the common good.

As a result:

We are free from our archaic beliefs, opinions, judgements and knowledge. We see innocence – that every human being is doing the best that they can see or see to do.


What exists in the world still exists, but we understand its source - our nightmares made real from living out our indoctrinated worldview, with some of us willing to kill and fight to the death for that illusion.

In summary:

We transcend our sense of division and separation by seeing the illusionary nature of how we create reality by seeing into The Realm of Possibility. We transform into contributors to a world at peace. No longer a victim of our thinking, feelings and behaviour emanating from our accumulation – our egoic world – we live in peace – reflecting The Realm of Possibility.

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It's not Arabs v Jews

Christians v Muslims etc.

It's psychopaths v 99% of morally capable people who just want to live their lives in peace.

while the devastating effects and injustices brought about by globalized capitalism and associated militarism largely remain unchallenged by the masses and stay firmly in the background.

The Economic Strategy of American Empire is the key role of maintaining dollar

hegemony and the importance of the petrodollar to US global dominance.

US war campaigns have, among other things, protected the US dollar from abandonment, destroyed nations seeking sovereignty from US dominance, we have seen certain countries face a bombardment of sanctions and hostility in an attempt to destroy energy-producing centres that the US does

not control.

Psychopaths exist in all demographics and are not contained to a single creed, colour or political ideology. There are a few insane power obsessed people constantly creating destabilisation and trying to syphon power.

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