Sitemap - 2012 - Mindset Shifts—Essays by Barry Brownstein

Solving “Thermostat Problems”

Festivus as a Catalyst for Change

Are Our Socks in Our Pockets?

Why Aren’t We Grateful for the Free Market?

Are We Entitled to Our Bitterness?

Let Them Use Smart Phones

The Wiser Candidate

Let “Price Gougers” Do Their Job

Teaching Our Children to Steal

The Big Fix

Experts and Craftsmen

Let’s Not Make a Federal Case

American Airlines vs. the Consumer

Freedom Begins Within

When Less is More

Surprised and Delighted by Mt. Guyot

Schizophrenic Presidential Candidates?

Honest Workers vs. Beltway Bandits

Entrepreneurs are Heroes

Why We Tolerate a Wasteful Congress

Appealing to the George Costanza Vote

A Bummer Crop of Apples

As American as Apple Pie

Serving the People

Uncle Sugar

Freedom From "ME"

My Teacher on the Mountain

Challenging Beliefs about Healthcare

Progress Begins With a Thought

Tell Me Our Story

It Happens Every Day

The Fable of the Car Chair

Is Government the Source of Monopoly?

Our Disastrous Energy Policy

Who is Responsible for our Economic Welfare?

The Politics of Hate

What’s the Difference Between Marion Barry and Mitt Romney?

If Only the Government Knows, Beware

The Berlin Wall in Economics

We Will Be Remembered By What We Do

Let Us Be True to One Another

Mrs. Sidor's Chips

Free Nurse Trujillo (To Use Her Knowledge)

Three Leaf Blowers and America's Cold


Safeguarding Our Freedom

The Destruction of Trust

The One Thing We Must Do This Year

America’s Diminishers

Between Our Heads

Four Years of Giving Up Control