Forgive ? Who should I forgive for the loss of my healthy 56 year old daughter to a massive stroke after a jab of this poison ? WHO DO I FORGIVE ?

Punishment is not what I desire although the idea of a few people I could name swinging from the end of a rope gives me more pleasure that I am comfortable with, I know that's not the answer. This must never be allowed to happen again. That is the answer. When gov'ts and society change enough to make this never again a possibility, then maybe I could begin to forgive . Maybe.

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Politely disagree... First, I'm fer "makin' things right" which is not about forgiveness... but mebbe more about the scales'o justice. NO dok-turd that gave jabs--that forced'em on patients or ousted patients that wouldn't take'em should be allowed to practice med-sin. EVER again.

Their do-no-harm oath was down the terlet... I know this in my own "fambly"--"God complex" among the dok-turds who would not even look at a single study I sent'em, their faith in the See-DC was astoundin'. Nope, I was deemed a know-nuthin' (cuz I ain't gotta meddycal degree...) and now my girls only grandparent (my ma) has a half-paralyzed face and has no idear what day it is. Wuz fine 'fore the plandemic. Thank ye kindly pompous dok-turd step-vater mit a god-complex. Ain't feelin' gen'rous towards such ego-maniacle humans!

What'll they do fer work if they can't practice med-sin any more? Retire, mebbe. But otherwise, who the heck cares? Many've us are in JUST that same capsized boat an' we all gotta find a raft! My own hubby lost HIS job from a place he'd worked at 20+ years fer not takin' the jabs (and mind ye, he did no-buddy any harm...)...given that our own "fambly" is po' as churchmice (er' temple mice!) thanks to this mess.. I think it's some small amount've "makin' things right" that those that INFLICTED physical harm in the name'a "med-sin" should not be allowed to continue in their profess'ins.

Not sure about all the non-medi-cul biz-messes that banned us unjabbered folks (few but some rebelled and good on them!). I never 'magined that in AmeriKa (what it IS now) one'a my daughters and I'd be CHASED outta second hand store fer not maskin' up "proper" like we wuz rabid dogs--we got chased out by staff holdin' masks like they wuz tryin' to muzzle us! I'm sure them shopgirls and the guard an' manager gave each other high 5's fer havin' chased us "vermin" out.... What their fate should be, I dunno but I'm sure they're not feelin' regrets... so nu? we gotta fergive'em? Meanwhile our family could list many such demeanin' encounters... so not feelin' very charitable to these folks--sorry. There were some that DID resist... I ain't sayin' I'm "harborin' " negative feelin's for those who lacked humanity... but they ain't gettin' my good will either!

Havin' lost fambly historically to tzarist purges in Vilna and ta Nazi purges in WWII--we ain't inclined to feel "christian" forgiveness (it ain't our faith....THEIR atonement, if it ever comes, is not in our purview... much as it'd be nice to think at least some've'em had some regrets... I ain't bankin' on it!) Also, the fat laydee ain't sung yet--THIS war is not over! I've no doubt our lost re-pug-lick may be purgin' the unjabbed AGAIN 'fore long. So EVEN fer those feelin' gen'rust--wantin' to let bygones be bygones---I'd say wait up a bit cuz they're gonna rinse an' repeat...

As ta the idear that those've us not so inclined ta fergive won't learn... Nah, disagree. Many've us who ain't gonna fergiv' have larned pul-lenty! We've figgered out who our real friends, tried n' true, are!--whatever choices they made to git vaxxed 'er not... we've learned WAY more about our corrupt "covert-mint" than we ever imagined and much've it not good but it IS good we got ourselves far more informed! We larned MORE how to protect our own health and those 'round us that'll listen. An' some've us found new out-lids fer our thoughts--bein' banned unjabbered the-ate-her folks, makin' some lemonade via substack's a substa...toot!

I wrote on the topic a bit from our "ahrty" perspective...


Anyways, I admire yer far more gen'rous scenty-mints and am always glad ta read yer stack!

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Nov 19, 2022Liked by Barry Brownstein

Thank you for this. While I totally agree that the wish to punish has no usefull place in a better society, nor does reform. If we leave the heirarchies and social systems in place that led to this then it will have been for nought.

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I won't forget nor forgive. I won't keep any animosity either. I choose indifference. Let the sinners suffer the trouble they brought upon them. I was well aware of their sins since the beginning and so I protected myself best. I am okay.

I don't care about amnesty. But if you want to get serious about it, impel the jab maimed to demand justice. Because those are the ones who won't get out of it stronger. Those are in need of a supportive society. We, the "oppressed", are going to be okay, for we are the mavericks.

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Dear Barry. Thank you.


Seeing beyond our frozen fears and imagined needs lies another realm,

a realm unrivalled.

Seeing beyond our beliefs, opinions and judgements,

of being right and making others wrong, is another state –

a state of wisdom and common sense.

Seeing beyond anger, violence, murder and mayhem –

our inner peace and equanimity reside.

Seeing beyond racism, nationalism, communism, capitalism, socialism – freed of all isms –

we live unhindered by our conditioned minds and hardened hearts.

Seeing beyond acceptance and tolerance is another world –

a world of kindness and understanding.

Seeing beyond theology, philosophy, science and certainty –

a life of openness exists.

Seeing beyond our need for more, better, different –

we discover satisfaction with what we have.

Seeing beyond our alcoholism, drug addiction, gluttony – all forms of self-harm –

we see what is, and wake up.

And yes:

Seeing beyond our crimes, arrests, trials and incarcerations –

a pure heart is beating.

Seeing beyond all conflicts, wars, dominance, and control,

or simply a couple lost in their day-to-day disagreements –

our innate desire for peace remains.

And finally:

Seeing beyond this story, your story, their story – every story ever written or told –

our life is unbridled.

And there, before our lifelong accumulation,

an all-embracing warmth melts the edges of division,

dissolving the illusion of you and me, of them and us.

Our true self revealed – humanity’s innocence understood – the unknown embraced.

This internal, eternal universe is home – is love.

Our mind’s at peace, a new reality seen, a life fulfilled.

A life of decency creating a world of Possibility.


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lol, wull it's plenty open to many includin' new friends in cyberspace and all human beans who didn't treat me and mine like cock-a-roaches... many've them are STILL on the jabs=good "animal farm" bandwagon... EVEN after all this time!

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Thank'ya much Barry... and agreed-- I think the difference is that you're willin' to be more open-hearted to those "good people" that went along with it all... just that one element...whereas I'd like to see'em "make things right" at very least...in some way...constructive not destructive and certainly not Emily-Osterizer style...she offers NO apology or "make right" solution... just a ditsy "let bygones be.." I think she's savin' her own rear and the way she had her kids shout out to others was monstrous...I'd hate to see'em as adults....

As we know, many've the Nazis were "gut" family men... devoted husbands, loving "vaters".... eeeeee! Mob "good fellers" too... I know folks lose their humanity under fear but given that as many as 25% of our nay-shun stayed strong... didn't submit, didn't shun, didn't buy the cons... I know that 25% are bein' gaslit, ignored... but it's this 25% we need to support and worry less'bout fergivin' those that are singin' kumbaya amnesty songs...

If Plandemic 3.0 comes let's see how Miss Emily an' her minions bee-have (bee-hive).... eyes 'r watchin' as this sadly is not the end of these ongoin' plandemics...

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Choosing between a personal right and wrong mind requires personal responsibility. Liberty and personal responsibility are two sides of the same coin. Most in the USA have closed their eyes and minds while flipping that coin into the States’ wishing fountain.

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Unfortunately, the vast majority of people ONLY grasp wrongdoing when they see people get punished. This is what must happen on a grand scale, to those who are responsible for this crime spree. No, it will not indefinitely prevent, by itself, authoritarian actions. But it will leave an indelible impression, for at least a generation or two.

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"Forgiveness is a mindset ... we have chosen not to harbor grievances."

This paragraph goes right to the heart of what is important. When we harbor grievances, we harm ourselves, and we tend to act in ways that harm others through a misfocusing of energy. It is easy to misunderstand what forgiveness means. It does not mean forgetting, or letting someone off the hook for righting a wrong, or turning a blind eye to ongoing injustice. It means only letting go of useless mental turmoil.

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“We forgive… the fear of others different from ourselves” harkens back to Obama’s top-down (forced) multi-culturalism. Part of the basis for our God-given human liberty is the recognition that all people must be free to associate with others like-minded.

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