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When we choose to live in an inner world governed by our self-deception, we get a government ruling by deceit and vigorously stifling alternative views. In the American mind today, is the prevailing harmonizing sentiment inching dangerously close to normalizing totalitarian deceit?

Really sums it up!

Along with this


Indeed, recent advances in psychology show the brain is essentially a predicting organ, and when the reality of the world doesn’t match its predictions, it has to resolve the contradiction. It can do this in one of two ways: delude itself and ignore reality, or update itself and its predictions. In the stressed state, we tend to opt for the delusion, as new or countering information can induce a significant danger response in of itself: this threatens our own identity or world view, and shifts in these can be traumatic.

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Andrew, Thanks for adding your wisdom and link.

Yes, all "growth" requires the relinquishing of at least part of our self-concept or at least the giving up of defending our self-concept.

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Jul 21, 2023Liked by Barry Brownstein

Barry, thank you for a powerful article. It brings together much wisdom and common sense.

I wanted to respond more deeply but couldn't find the words - nor the time.

Instead - copied and pasted the following.


Seeing beyond our frozen fears and imagined needs lies another realm,

a realm unrivalled.

Seeing beyond our beliefs, opinions and judgements,

of being right and making others wrong, is another state –

a state of wisdom and common sense.

Seeing beyond anger, violence, murder and mayhem –

our inner peace and equanimity reside.

Seeing beyond racism, nationalism, communism, capitalism – freed of all isms –

we live unhindered by our conditioned minds and hardened hearts.

Seeing beyond acceptance and tolerance is another world –

a world of kindness and understanding.

Seeing beyond theology, philosophy, science and certainty –

a life of openness exists.

Seeing beyond our need for more, better, different –

we discover satisfaction with what we have.

Seeing beyond our alcoholism, drug addiction, gluttony – all forms of self-harm –

we see what is and wake up.

And yes:

Seeing beyond our crimes, arrests, trials and incarcerations –

a pure heart is beating.

Seeing beyond all conflicts, wars, dominance, and control,

or simply a couple lost in their day-to-day disagreements –

our innate desire for peace remains.

And finally:

Seeing beyond this story, your story, their story – every story ever written or told –

our life is unbridled.

And there, before our lifelong accumulation,

an all-embracing warmth melts the edges of division,

dissolving the illusion of you and me, of them and us.

Our true self revealed – humanity’s innocence understood – the unknown embraced.

This internal, eternal universe is home – is love.

Our minds at peace, a new reality seen, a life fulfilled.

A life of decency creating a world of Possibility.

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John, Thanks for the kind words and for sharing your evocative vision.

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Jul 20, 2023Liked by Barry Brownstein

Excellent points. As Solzhenitsyn says, our power to shape society comes from refusing to propagate what we know (or even strongly suspect) to be lies. Depending on the situation, that can take a bit of courage, but courage can be infectious, and all the more so when the taboo is so strong as to have built up a huge pool of waiting rebellion. Of course one must face the possibility that no spark seems to be lit among others; still a seed may be planted whose fruition we will never see but still is beneficial.

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JdL, Exactly; we do not know what impact we have but we "act with honor" anyway.

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Superb! I fully agree.

I personally argue that the greatest political lie (at the federal level) is that the required oath to support the Constitution isn't simultaneously binding.

The idea that federal servants may become our political masters, by ignoring or bypassing the normal parameters of the Constitution must never be accepted.

Instead, we must challenge that assertion with every fiber of our being, and continue to sniff out the source of the growing political stench until we can pull back the curtain covering the fraud and then bark like crazy, to draw attention to the only thing that matters--how the fraud is pulled off.

I can proudly say that I've spent nearly every available waking hour of the last 32 years reading, researching and writing about how the scoundrels ever pulled it off.

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Thank you, Matt.

And thank you for your important work.

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You're more than welcome. Thank you for one of the best articles I've read in some time, that was so spot on.

Thanks for the compliment--wow!

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