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Thank you, Barry, for a compelling piece on the evil of ultimate power and control. Revealing the fallacy that any of us, no matter how well-intentioned one may begin, should decide what is best for others.

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thx Barry

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Excellent commentary. I am sharing with as many as I know who own property.

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Very true. On a much smaller scale, the same thing happened to the Pilgrims in the Plymouth colony. For the first couple of years they adopted a communal system: everyone could draw from the store of food that anyone produced. Result: starvation. In desperation, they switched to a "You grow it, you own it" system and - surprise! - suddenly there was plenty of food.

It is highly ironic that socialists peddle their schemes as "caring" and condemn capitalism as "dog-eat-dog" when the reality is about as close to the opposite as it's possible to get.

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U R full of shit buying condos and investing in Real-estate is the only means Chinese have to make retirement

If property-rights are lost its in USA where property taxes can be 10% of RE value on land that has no ROI

Most of ASIA has no property tax, its total a western MAFIA operation, a tax, or rent on your own property.

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Curiously same players in China taking down that country took down the world with Covid. Maurice Strong of Rockefeller interests in China, others from superrich mileu

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